World Marinas Conference 2023

The Portuguese Association of Ports and Marinas (APPR) will host the prestigious ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations) World Marinas Conference 2023 in Autumn (9-11 October - Tivoli Vilamoura Conference Center), bringing this international event to Portugal for the very first time.

The bidding took place during an ICOMIA Marinas Group meeting in November 2020 with a good setup from other applying candidates from Europe and the US. Vilamoura Marina at the heart of the Algarve in Portugal was selected as the next location for IWMC 2023. With 300+ sunny days, 1 794 km of coastline, and 50 marinas, as well as being voted the World’s Leading Destination for the third consecutive year in 2019’s World Travel Awards, Portugal won the bidding process.

Founded in 1991 APPR unites and represents the marinas and the recreational port facilities of Portugal, maintaining a constant relationship between them, addressing any challenges they face, and representing them in government circles.

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations

ICOMIA was formed in 1966 to bring together in one global organisation the national boating federations and other bodies involved in the recreational marine industry, and to represent them at international level. The ICOMIA Marinas Group seeks to improve the sharing and exchange of information with respect to the development and best practice management of marinas, boat storage facilities, boating access and associated infrastructure throughout the world. A key function of the ICOMIA Marinas Group is to support the biennial World Marinas Conference, which brings together industry experts from across the globe with an exciting and stimulating programme. Visit www.icomia.org for more information

Portuguese Association of Ports and Marinas

APPR - Portuguese Association of Ports Recreation is a private non-profit association created in 1991, with the main purpose to support the European Commission in its desire to create an efficient network, safe and high-quality services in recreational sports and facilities along the coasts of Europe, in order to develop free movement of recreational crafts. The association main activities involve: promoting members activities (Website, brochure, presence in nautical events ); workshops and training for members; technical support; representation of members' interests and collaboration with national and international organizations. APPR is a Blue Flag Association and consists of -16 organizations managing 25 recreational ports / marinas; Private companies; Docapesca (state-owned company which, inter alia, manages public marinas); Public Port Administrations. For more information visit www.marinasdeportugal.pt/en/

Tivoli Vilamoura conference center

Relax and get down to business in our fully-equipped meeting rooms and event venues with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Marina de Vilamoura, promising inspiration, concentration and creativity. Let Tivoli Hotels & Resorts’ team of professionals make all the necessary arrangements so you can enjoy your event stress-free and have a good time.

The new-build Centro de Congressos do Algarve is the premier destination for conferences, meetings, exclusive car launches and functions in southern Portugal. Modern facilities offer adaptable layouts, catering to groups of all sizes. State-of-the-art technology brings visionary planning to life. Let our experienced team create an unforgettable programme, featuring seaside activities, first-class catering and more. Enjoy beautifully designed areas showcasing the Mediterranean climate and breathtaking Algarve scenery. Get down to business against marina and waterfront panoramas. Raise a glass wherever you like: luxurious gardens, panoramic terraces and rooftops, beaches or sophisticated interiors bursting with natural light.

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Isolete Correia

Isolete Correia

President, APPR said:

“IWMC is the largest gathering of the marine industry and we are very pleased to have been selected to host this prestigious event in 2023. It will be a great honour to welcome the world's leaders in the boating industry in Portugal – a country that has strong nautical traditions, a pioneer in sailing unfamiliar seas and therefore the perfect place to host this conference. This will give APPR the opportunity to welcome and show to all the participants our country in general and the Algarve region (south coast) in particular. Introducing the amenities which allow recreational boating all year round, with excellent climate, friendly and hospitable people,  formidable hospitality and wines, stunning beaches, rich history and monuments. We are absolutely delighted to bring together the greatest experts in the nautical industry, contributing to a process of exchange of information, ideas and collective learning.”

Darren Vaux

Darren Vaux

President ICOMIA

We are greatly anticipating the upcoming ICOMIA World Marinas Conference, which will take place in October in Algarve, Portugal. We were very impressed by the strength and professionalism of the proposal submitted by the conference host, APPR, and their enthusiasm and expertise will ensure that this conference is of the highest standard. Given the current global economic challenges and opportunities, it is imperative for the industry to come together, reflect on the lessons learned from the pandemic ,and hear from a wide range of impressive speakers what the future holds for our industry. 

The ICOMIA World Marinas Conference offers a unique opportunity for delegates to network with leading industry professionals and gain actionable intelligence on pressing topics such as sustainable operations, addressing changing customer expectations, the technology driving smart marinas, operational innovations, and developments in infrastructure , plant and equipment. This event is a must-attend for anyone serious about their future competitiveness and prosperity in marina industry.