World Marinas Conference
Event pictures

The Photo gallery of the ICOMIA 2023 World Marinas Conference showcases the remarkable success and achievements of the event. The collection captures the vibrant atmosphere, engaging panel discussions, networking opportunities, and inspiring keynote speeches that took place during the conference. A multitude of diverse participants from the marina industry and beyond can be seen enthusiastically exchanging ideas and forging valuable connections. The gallery highlights the conference's innovative initiatives, such as the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and the promotion of marine conservation. Spectacular images of stunning marinas and breathtaking waterfronts further demonstrate the event's focus on showcasing the beauty and potential of marina destinations worldwide. Overall, the photo gallery serves as a testament to the resounding success of the ICOMIA 2023 World Marinas Conference in bringing together industry leaders, driving positive change, and fostering collaboration for the future growth of marinas globally.