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Thank you for visiting Marina de Lagos

During the renowned ICOMIA World Marinas Conference 2023, the delegation had the pleasure of visiting the enchanting Marina de Lagos. Located in the captivating coastal town of Lagos, Portugal, this marina presented an awe-inspiring combination of natural beauty and modern infrastructure.

Marina de Lagos did not only captivate the delegates with its visual appeal, but also with its commitment to ecological preservation. The marina proudly showcased its environmentally friendly practices and dedication to sustainability, which earned them numerous accolades in the yachting industry.


During their visit, the delegates had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions with the marina's management team, who accompanied the visitors and shared their expertise on marina operations, security, and the integration of advanced technology systems.

As the delegates bid farewell to Marina de Lagos, they left with a lasting impression of an exceptional marina that seamlessly blends natural beauty, modern facilities, and a strong commitment to sustainable practices, powered by a clear team culture. The visit served as a testament to the global recognition and admiration that Marina de Lagos had earned as one of the host venues for the prestigious ICOMIA conference.


Photo credit Mario Majer

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