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Whether you are a marina owner, operator, investor, or simply interested in the future of the marina industry, these presentations offer unique perspectives and innovative solutions to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the maritime world.

Download and explore these presentations to gain a deeper understanding of current trends, successful case studies, and emerging opportunities in the marina sector. ICOMIA is proud to bring you this valuable resource, aiming to foster collaboration, promote excellence, and support the sustainable development of marinas worldwide.


André Pacheco, Azzurra Tommasi, Óscar Ferreira, João Horta, G. Mackie, Jorge Gonçalves Eco-Mourings at Ria Formosa: The case of Culatra Island anchorage
Dr. Alfonso Vargas Sánchez Brand of Destination
John Hogan 10h45 - Covid and Post Covid
Jonathan White 10h45 - Covid and Post Covid
Suzanne Davies 10h45 - Covid and Post Covid
Cédric 10h45 - Covid and Post Covid
Darren Vaux Decarbonising the marine/marina industries
Hugelmeyer 11h45m - De-carbonising the leisure
Johann Durand Sustainable Best Practices in Marinas
Jonathan White 12h00 - How Environmental Programs are Influencing Marinas and Boaters
Isolete Correia 14h15m - Marina de Vilamoura - Sustainable Best Practices
Femke Irik 14h30 - Future of Consumer behaviour
Michael Sigvardsson 15h30 - Maintenance tools
Arturo Gutierrez 15h45 - Increasing Marina Profitability
Raanan Ben Zur 16h00m - Superyatch sector Port Habacoa
Pedro Suasi 16h15 - Superyatch sector
Marco Ruggiero 16h30 - Floating Possibilities
Oscar Ferreira 17h00 - Sustainable and ecological anchorage
Pedro Ruão 17h15 - Inovation Road
Albert Bargay 17h30 The ocean faces unprecedented pressure from human activities
Oliver Doerschuck 09h00m - Industry Trends
Vanessa Nascimento 10h45 - The Algarve Tech Hub
Rui Rodrigues 11h00 - Indico Capital Partners
João Pedro Azavedo 11h15 - Amorim Cork Composites
Alfonso Sanchez 12h00 - Brand of Destinantion
Nuno Madeira 12h35 - Portuguese Tourism Board - tourism marketing
Ingrid Fortunato 14h00 - Big Marina Chains vs. Boutique Marinas - Roundtable
Melanie Symes 14h00 - Big Marina Chains vs. Boutique Marinas - Roundtable
Dan Natchez 14h00 - Big Marina Chains vs. Boutique Marinas - Roundtable
Gyozo Lantos 15h00 - Marina Acquisitions & Financing
Ruggero Morreale 15h30 - Hydrogen propulsion
Esteban Biondi; Ian Dobson 15H45 - Adapting a marina - PIANC
Esteban Biondi 15H45 - Adapting a marina - PIANC
Darren Vaux 16h15 - Marina Concession Regulations
Klaus Peters 16h15 - Concession regulations and tax regimes - the role of National Marina Associations