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Our global footprint

For more than 100 years, we have been laying out a path of innovation.

A Galp is an international player in the energy and mobility sectors, focused on developing sustainable solutions to improve people’s lives. Galp has set ambitious decarbonization goals and is committed to reduce the CO2 intensity of its operations by 40% by the end of this decade, and to being carbon neutral by 2050. Thus, Galp is actively reshaping its energy portfolio and intends to lead the industry by allocating half of its capital investment to new energy solutions. To achieve such ambitious goals, the only way to truly transform the business and lead the energy transition is to open the door to new technologies. As such, Galp partners with startups from all over the world, top universities, and R&D labs such as Net4Co2, HyLab, Water CoRe, and BIORef to innovate and re-invent the energy sector, always focusing on creating win-win scenarios for both parties. By the end of 2025, Galp’s open innovation platform (Galp Upcoming Energies) aims to invest about €180 million in innovation projects. Galp is already expanding its renewable portfolio, being one of the main solar players in Iberia, and is currently developing a Green Hydrogen production hub in Sines. In addition, it is also betting on strategic partnerships such as the Joint Venture Aurora with Northvolt for lithium refining. 

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